Sometimes renting an old house at a good price is not easy because it is hard to see the potential it has and this hurts the owners who want to market it, considering, in addition, that the current market is increasingly demanding.

After a recent move, our client needed to group and sort all her clothes by season, to visualize everything she had and thus be able to better organize her new dressing closet.

Steps that we carry out together:

-All the clothes and shoes located in the different cabinets, boxes or suitcases were collected.

-The shoes were organized according to their use, in the cobbler of the lobby of the entrance, the most used, and in the bedroom, the rest.

-The clothing was classified by seasons and categories.

-It was reviewed, and the decision was made on which pieces to keep, donate and throw (for its deterioration).

-The garments that had to be returned, arranged or taken to the dry cleaners were separated.

-She hung the clothes on hangers that needed it and folded the rest vertically.

-The garments of last season were kept in boxes.

After the organization, the client is fully satisfied, since now she can find everything she is looking for, being aware of what she has, with which she loses less time and money in dressing and getting ready.